Stop Hunger Now at Moravia

Moravia Moravian Church and friends work with Stop Hunger Now to prepare over 20,000 meals for vulnerable people.

On January 9 nearly 60 people gathered in the Hearthside Room at Moravia Moravian Church in Summerfield, NC to put together food packets for people who are hungry. The process was simple. You put on a hairnets and gloves and start assembling packages of food. The food was soy, dried vegetables, rice and nutrient packets. These were taken to the scales line where the weight was inspected and food was added or taken out to meet the requirements. Then the packages were heat sealed, counted and packed into boxes and taken to the truck. In just 3 hours we assembled 20,304 meals. It was easy and fun and meaningful.

Here’s what it looks like:

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The people work, the music plays, (and some dance), and every time we assemble 1000 meals, the Gong Rings. Please consider having your own assembly party. All you have to do is get 50+ friends, contact Stop Hunger Now, and pay 29 cents a meal. For 10,000 meals that would be $2900. It’s a good project for RCCs too.

Carol Foltz, Interim Pastor Moravia Moravian Church, Summerfield, NC.