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An Announcement from BCM

September 19, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Since 2009, the Board of Cooperative Ministries, or BCM, has been engaging and supporting our Southern Province Moravian congregations in their ministries. We provide hands-on ministry support for children & families, youth, college age, young adults, clergy, lay leaders, older adults, and more – both provincially and in congregations and RCCs. It takes a lot of people, creativity, dedication and money to do this important work. Our four and half-person staff and 25-member volunteer board strive to be good stewards of the money given to us by churches through their provincial share contributions.

Nearly 80% of BCM’s income comes from church support, part of what you put in the offering plate on Sunday, and for that we are very grateful. And yet the world and the church continue to change. One consequence of this change is that, this year, income is down significantly. We must reimagine and realign ways we do ministry.

After months of study, conversation, discernment, and prayer, the BCM approved a budget acknowledging these new realities. In the next year, we’ll provide Regional Youth Council, college age, and young adult ministry support, but we’ll be doing it without a full-time staff person.

Beginning in January 2017, the Rev. Doug Rights will no longer serve as Director of Youth, College, and Young Adult Ministries for BCM. We are sad to see him go, but glad that he will continue to share his many, amazing gifts with the Moravian Church and that he will continue to be a significant advocate for our youth.

As we say goodbye to Doug, it is our priority to make sure these ministries do not end. We are developing plans for the youth and young adults in our province to have the leadership they need. We’ve answered some of the most common questions about this change in another post.

Please stay tuned for details about how we will celebrate Doug’s years of ministry with BCM as well as our plans for providing ministry during challenging times. We ask for your prayers and your continued support, and may God continue to bless all of us as together we grow in faith, love and hope, following Jesus in serving the world.

-The Board of Cooperative Ministries

Don Britt (Covenant, appointed by PEC)
Malissa Bumgarner (New Hope, representing the Yadkin View RCC)
Elaine Cockerham (Trinity, representing the Salem Creek RCC)
Rachel Desmarais, Vice Chair (Trinity, appointed by PEC)*
Peggy Dodson (Home, appointed by PEC)
Heidi Everhart (Friedberg, appointed by PEC)
Carol Foltz, Chair (Moravia, appointed by PEC)*
John Foltz (Trinity, appointed by PEC)
Marsha Fowler (Konnoak Hills, representing the South Branch RCC)
David Guthrie, At-Large PEC Rep (serving ex-officio, President of PEC)*
LeaAnn Haynes (Friedland, representing the South Wachovia RCC)
Criss Hiatt (Kernersville, representing the Sunrise RCC)
Rhonda Hiatt (Mt. Bethel, representing the Mount Ararat RCC)
Hazel Hooker (New Hope – FL, appointed by PEC)
Tanya Kimel (Friedberg, representing the Salisbury Road RCC)
Aaron Linville, At-Large RCC Rep (Rural Hall, representing the North Branch RCC)*
Cat Long (Bethabara, representing the Pilot Mountain RCC)
Sabrina Maksi (Christ, appointed by PEC)
Michael Terry, Secretary (Rural Hall, appointed by PEC)*
Shanda Trogdon (Moravia, representing the Dan Springs RCC)
Joyce Vance (Peace, appointed as PEC representative)
Leibia Willis (First – GA, appointed by PEC)
Alfred Yorks (Suriname Fellowship, representing the Florida District RCC)

Ruth Cole Burcaw, Executive Director*
Beth Hayes, Director of Congregational Resources and Ministry
Doug Rights, Director of Youth, College, and Young Adult Ministries
Heather Stevenson, Administrative Assistant

*members of BCM’s Executive Committee

Vacant – Petersbrook RCC Representative
Vacant – Youth Representative (appointed by PEC on recommendation of RYC)

Questions? Visit our Q&A post.

5 thoughts on “An Announcement from BCM

  1. Pastor Doug once told me that you cannot run a church like a business. Decisions need to be made knowing that God will provide a way. You need to leave Pastor Doug in place because God will provide the financial resources. It’s a decision of faith.

  2. I posted this on Facebook, but I want to post it here also:

    I am very disappointed to hear this news. I understand that a lot of thought and prayer has gone into this decision and it was not taken lightly; however, I feel that we need to do more to make sure that youth ministries are made a priority. If it was not for Doug Rights and his ministries at Olivet and Brad Bennett in his leadership at RYC, I’m not sure that I would still be Moravian today. The work that Doug and others before him have done through RYC and youth ministries is what creates future leaders for our church. I’m not sure that reducing this to a part time position will fully meet the needs of our youth. Could we consider opening a fund for donations to keep this ministry a full-time position? I just hate to see another youth ministry cut at a time when we are often bemoaning the lack of youth participation in the church.

    I wish that we could have some sort of open forum to talk about options. I have read the Q&A post, but I still feel like there is more that could be done.

    • Elizabeth, we hear you and appreciate your thoughtful comments. We are all very disappointed and sad to have to say goodbye to Doug as Director of Youth, College, and Young Adult Ministries. He is terrific, as was Brad before him. As a former RYC president myself (MANY years ago), I know first-hand that provincial youth activities like this do most certainly function as a leadership incubator for the church. And while this decision was most difficult (and not our first choice), it does present an opportunity for more people to share in leadership for our youth, including youth themselves. We can choose for this to be discouraging, or we can choose for this to be a way to create space for many Moravians to be part of creating a church for the future. It will not be easy, and we pray that folks like you will step forward to help us as we grow together in faith, love, and hope. – Ruth Cole Burcaw, Executive Director, BCM.

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