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Yams are a Lot More Than What You Eat!

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APRIL 11, 2016 

As our province’s Director of Youth, College and Young Adult Ministries, part of my ministry is serving the young adults in our congregations.  It is both a great privilege and a great challenge to serve in this way.

One of the groups I enjoy doing things with is called YAMs which stands for “Young Adult Moravians.” Each month our young adult Moravians and their friends are invited to join us in fellowship. These events include going out to eat, hiking, cookouts, ball games, service projects, and whatever our young adults want to do. Besides enjoying some fun activities, these get-togethers also provide time to build relationships and share good conversations. All Moravian young adults are welcome to come to any of our events. If you’re interested, please let me know.

I love it when young adults come to our events, yet one of the main things I share with them is to be involved in your own church family. Young adults have so much to offer our churches. I am very thankful for the many young adults active in their congregations who use their gifts and talents for the Lord and for their church homes. Sadly, a lot of our young adults are not involved in their churches, for a variety of reasons (feeling disconnected, having other priorities, not seeing the church as a loving and accepting place, etc).

Young Adult Moravians at Foothills brewery

Young Adult Moravians at Foothills Brewery in Winston-Salem 

One of BCM’s goals this year is to focus even more on young adult ministry in our province. Monthly events for our young adult Moravians will continue.  I will be meeting with pastors and church leaders to talk about their young adult ministry. We have formed a new working group in our province that will focus on young adult ministry in our province. If anyone is interested, or you know of people who would like to serve with such a group, please let me know.

Today when I think of yams, I think of more than a vegetable that tastes like a sweet potato. I think of young adults who have so much life, so much opportunity, so much potential, and have so much to offer God and God’s Church. For me, yams are a lot more than what you eat!

If you have questions or need additional information, email (drightsATmcsp.org) or call the Moravian Board of Cooperative Ministries at (336) 722-8126.

The Rev. Doug Rights is the Director of Youth, College, and Young Adult Ministries at the Moravian Board of Cooperative Ministries (BCM).