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For everything there is a season…


I’m so glad God gifts us with seasons. As the intensity of light lessens and cooler temperatures ensue, leaves begin to reveal hidden colors of red, orange and yellow. Nature speaks, autumn is here! There is a kind of redemptive renewal in creation’s natural rhythms, don’t you think? The hope-filled life of spring or the gentle letting go of autumn . . . all are necessary for growth.

The Moravian Board of Cooperative Ministries recently gathered for some growth and renewal of our own during a fall planning retreat day. The Board includes representatives from each of the 12 Regional Conferences of Churches (RCCs), 12 representatives appointed by the Provincial Elders Conference (PEC), as well as the PEC President and the BCM Executive Director. The beautifully renovated fellowship hall of Calvary Moravian Church was filled with the excited murmurs of old and new members preparing for another season of ministry together. We want to extend that excitement out to you by sharing a bit of where our hearts and minds are working and resting these days.

At the core, the BCM’s mission is to provide support to congregations and RCCs by encouraging and nurturing their health and growth. We cultivate this support through synod outcomes and incentives entrusted to BCM care. For the next four years, we will be working towards:

  • Using technology to enhance ministry and learning, increase communication, network and share God’s story as Moravians!
  • Celebrating dynamic Christ-centered worship that seeks out the stranger and empowers us for mission in God’s world!
  • Educating within and out about Moravian identity- how our heritage, history and reality shapes our mission!
  • Supporting creative initiatives, new adventures and challenges at the congregation and RCC level!
  • Assisting congregations and RCCs in identifying, developing and increasing an awareness of gifts, assets, strengths and abilities in service to the Savior!
  • Inviting all of our work to flow out of the living water found only in Christ Jesus our Lord. Remembering the hymns of our heritage that guide our Christ-centered focus.

Ruth Cole Burcaw, Executive Director, closed our time together by asking us to identify one word capturing our thoughts for the future. My group of three shared: growth, harvest and prayer.

May we be guided by the Spirit in prayerful ministry of growth in this season of harvest!

-Sarah Hubbard,  BCM Communications Coordinator

2014 BCM 4

The Board of Cooperative Ministries. Top Row from left: Don Britt (Covenant), Leibia Willis (First – GA), Peggy Dodson (Home), Cat Long (Come & Worship), Joyce Vance (Peace/PEC), Marcia Mullis (Friedland), Carol Foltz (Friedland), Malissa Bumgarner (New Hope – NC), Beth Hayes (Come & Worship/BCM), Rachel Desmarais (Olivet). Bottom Row from left: Ruth Cole Burcaw (Unity/BCM), Sarah Hubbard (Hope/BCM), Michael Terry (Rural Hall), Alfred Yorks (Suriname Fellowship – FL), Hazel Hooker (New Hope – FL), Walter Bishop (Hopewell), Jerry Smith (Olivet), Doug Rights (BCM).  Not pictured: JoBeth Boyles (Bethabara), Judith Bullock (Kernersville), Charles Fishel (Mt. Bethel), John Foltz (Trinity), Heather Stevenson (Fries Memorial/BCM).