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Why We All Need Ash Wednesday

AshWednesdayFaith & Leadership is the online magazine of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, which designs educational services, develops intellectual resources, and facilitates networks of institutions. Today’s post on Ash Wednesday by Amy Butler, senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., reminds us why we all seem to need Ash Wednesday so much.

A blessing for Ash Wednesday:

“Redeem us from all wickedness, purify us and make us your very own, eager to do what is good.” (see Titus 2: 14)

Prayer for today’s Moravian Daily Text:

“On this holy Ash Wednesday, Christ Jesus, we pray that you will be with us as we enter this time of self-examination and repentance for all the ways in which we have failed to believe or act on our belief. Amen.”

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